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    g00d-by t0 the Life I used t0 Live,
    aNd the w0rLd I used t0 kN0w;
    aNd kiss the hiLLs f0r me,just 0Nce,
    n0w I am ready t0 g0...

    h0pe is the thiNg with feathers,
    that perches iN the s0uL,
    aNd siNgs the tuNe with0ut the w0rds.
    aNd Never st0ps at aLL...

    because I couLd N0t st0p f0r death,
    he kiNdLy st0pped f0r me,
    the carriage heLd but just ourseLves,
    aNd imm0rtaLity...

    emiLy dickiNs0N.

    N E V E R - T U R N - Y 0 U R - B A C K - T 0 - T H E - 0 C E A N