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    StIlL lIvE fOR yOU

    DaY hAs PaSsEd By ME
    NiGht AlSo GoNe FrOm My LiFe
    LiFe StIlL lIvEs FoR yOu
    YoU wIlL cOmE tO mY LiFe
    I aM sTiLl LoOkInG foR
    My TwO eYeS aRe WaItInG fOr YoU
    My MiNd Is AlWaYs MiSsInG yOu
    I cAn..T uNdErStAnD mY mInD
    WhEn YoU wIlL rEtUrN tO mE
    My TeAr Is LoOkInG fOr My EyEs DeStInAtIoN
    WhErE i WiLl GeT yOu
    I cAn..T eXpLaIn To YoU mY fEeLiNgS
    I sTiLl LiVe FoR yOu
    ______FoR My DrEaM lAdy