END OF LIFE - Wir stellen den Betrieb von meinbild.ch per November ein.


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    hey salü mitenand!

    ischmer also wüürkli seeeehr langwilig gsi dasi do mis Profiil wider mal chli g'änderet han...:)
    aber ech meine, whoooo cares?

    --Sometimes I feel punkrock, sometimes I feel like a housewife--
    Dave Grohl

    -- Music all comes from one place, and it’s really the same. It’s just different colors and different ways of representing it --
    Serj Tankian

    --I want the peace and joy in your mind--

    Crack pipes, needles, PCP and fast cars
    Kind of mix really well in a dead movie star

    So, meh hani ned z'säge:P