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    i'm neither a kitten nor a pussy. i'm a big cat, so are my claws sharper than yours

    i need some coffee, a corpse, and a cigarette
    look just in case that i get bored

    and yes: i'm vain. -.- woh- ho...

    i want to hurt you just to hear you
    screaming my name
    don't want to touch you but
    you're under my skin - deep in
    i want to kiss you but your lips
    are venomous poison

    ... i'm not a sinner ... i'm a sin

    some music i'm listening to...
    AC/DC, Billy Idol, CKY, Die Ärzte, eve 6, Frankestein Drag Queens, Guns'n'Roses, HIM, Iggy Pop, Jimmy Eat World, Krokus, Lordi, Murderdolls, Nekromantix, Steppenwolf, The 69 Eyes, Uncle Cracker, Wednesday 13... and fuckin' many more... ow.. and i like it to say fuck.