END OF LIFE - Wir stellen den Betrieb von meinbild.ch per November ein.


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    [so let's close our eyes and smile]
    [let's pretend we're so funny]
    [so let's close our hearts and lie]
    [let's pretend we're so happy]

    And you didn’t stay close to me, didn’t stay by my side
    I was choking in blood as delight filled your eyes
    You’re going to burn for each word that was said
    ‘Cause you left me for dead
    But I don’t want to search no more
    There’s nowhere to hide
    So why don’t you come quietly, my love?
    I wanted to say, to say that you sure proved the death of me
    ‘cause Now I’ve reached a dead end
    And I can’t go back
    But if I’m going down then you’ll come with me