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    Heeellooowww ;-)

    I AM A Bonita Negrita :D
    i love the rythm! H:D haha

    Fa$h!0N i$ MY Pa$$!0N

    •´´¯)¸.•´´¯ )________(“v”)________*Heyy*________(“v”)________(¯`´•.¸(¯`´•.¸
    (_¸.•´´(_¸.•´´_________'v'____ *...!WelcoMe!...*___'v'__________`´•.¸_)`´•.¸_)

    [•][●][whลt] [i] [a][m][●][•]
    -A Biiiig Freak
    --a Biiiger Freak
    -and proud to be a Freek
    -crazy crazy crazy
    --shizzoo ;) haha
    - from Congo... hey Girl from Congo, let me bang your Bongo! haha :D
    slave for fashion
    --for heels too
    - and more...

    •][●][whลt] [i] [L][ O][V][℮][●][•]
    männer die wissen Was sie wollen
    ---FRAUeN auch!!!!
    diggs n' didds
    laatexs an other freaky materials!
    machos tooo...
    --real men
    -real ladys tooo...
    big plastics
    freak lovers

    •][●][whลt] [i] [H][ ล][t][℮][●][•]
    not enuf money fo clothes
    freak haters

    grEATz Cheers & Kiiss ya Girls n Bwoys

    wanna kno mo? MSN: